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Tips and Tricks


  1. Lay Flat: Lay out the Rolled Magnet Adhesive Baset flat onto the floor half hour before installation to prevent curling of the magnet at both ends. Rolled magnet has a curled “memory” that can cause installation problems if the magnet is not allowed to “relax” prior to installation.
  2. Maximum Installation Height: It is recommended that the maximum installation height is 2000mm. Any height longer than 2000mm will render it too heavy for one person installation and may cause alignment issues at the end of the installation.
  3. Standard Width: The Magnet Adhesive Base all comes in the standard width size of 600mm.
  4. Installation Style: It is recommended for vertical installation of the Magnet Adhesive Base and applying from top down. Horizontal installation is more difficult to ensure a straight line acroos.
  5. Wall Preparation: Please ensure that the wall is smooth by using a scrapper. Note the following:
    • “Pimple Mark” – Please use a small penknife to gently cut off the pimple marks to level out the pimple.
    • “Peeling Paint” – Please scrap off peeling paint and apply a layer of primer and paint and allow to dry. Otherwise, the Magnet Adhesive Sheet will peel off when the paint continues to fall off the surface.
    • “Pot-Hole” – Please use wall putty to putty the hole to ensure it has a smooth surface.
  6. Straight Line Application: Use a water pass to ensure that you are drawing a straight line to allow the Magnet Adhesive Sheet to be installed in a straight line.
  7. Gap in between Magnet Adhesive Base: If you are placing more than one sheet of Magnet Adhesive Base, please leave a 0.1mm gap in between each application to allow for expansion and contraction of the Magnet Adhesive Base.



  1. The back of the Magnet Adhesive Base has a clear rubber-based adhesive with a white release liner. Position the product in the desired surface, peel back the white liner (approximately 150mm) and press fully down the top edge so that a straight line installation is formed.
  2. Start to peel back the white liner in a 45 degrees manner and squeegee the rest of the materials as you move downwards, smoothing out the sheet and eliminating air bubbles.
  3. If you are going to install more than one sheet of Magnet Adhesive Base, leave the balance of 150mm of white liner at the end of the Magnet Adhesive Sheet to allow you to trim off any excess Magnet Adhesive Base (where required) without damaging your existing surface.
  4. The same will apply to the last sheet of your Magnet Adhesive Base on the right side, so that similarly, you are able to trim off any excess Magnet Adhesive Base where required.