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Roof Steel Structure

At Metcol, we use the latest metal roofing technology and products to enhance the practicality and sustainability of buildings without compromising on aesthetics.

Our aspiration to create new metal roof and steel structure facades for our customers are based on the following principles:

Offer Products That Inspire

  1. We offer a wide range of products that support the architecture designs of buildings.

Support Sustainability

  1. We are environmentally friendly. Many of our materials are reusable and recyclable, supporting green buildings and sustainable designs.

Desire To Transform Singapore’s Roofing Landscape

  1. Our latest trends in roofing materials will enhance the overall appearance of your building without burning a hole in your pocket.


Beautiful styles to match any home design

Energy efficient

Last a lifetime

Maintenance free

Fire resistance and low weight

Environmentally friendly


An acoustic roof system is the layering of various materials during construction of a roof to:

Many people are concerned about the impact of rain noise on a metal roof. However, with an acoustic roof system, rain noise is minimized significantly.

Other than keeping external noise out, an acoustic roof system also helps to contain internal noise. For example, loud stereo music will be partially absorbed by your roof, thereby reducing noise disturbance to your neighbour.

Lastly, with multilayers of materials installed, the acoustic roof system helps keep your house much cooler, resulting in using less power from the air conditioner. Ultimately, your utility bill is reduced with an acoustic roof system.

An example of a simple acoustic roofing system. Additional materials, including choice of materials can enhance the performance of the system.