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Magnetic Graphic System

By strengthening our existing product range and services as a metal specialists, Metcol has discovered a breakthrough way to add creative flair to any surface, with the Magnetic Graphic System and Nano Cling Graphic Film. With these new products, they will transform dull looking walls and surfaces.

Offer Products That Inspire

  1. The benefits of the Magnetic Graphic System and Nano Cling Graphic Films are many and their usage is limitless – you are only limited by your imagination what they can do.

Support Sustainability

  1. We are environmentally friendly. The materials used are polyester base, therefore durable, resuable and recyclable, supporting our vision of providing greener solutions to our customers.

Desire To Transform Homes and Businesses

  1. The Magnetic Graphic System and Nano Cling Graphic Films help companies increase efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality.
  2. Home owners can enjoy top quality creative concept walls without burning a hole in their pockets.


The Metcol Magnetic Graphic System comprises of high quality printable metal coated sheets with a strong magnetic base. With this innovative system, you can turn any wall, surface or space into an inspiring interactive notice board, gallery, classroom or even a showroom. It is widely used for décor, advertising and signage applications in the home, school, office, cafes and restaurants.


Easy to install

  1. You don’t need professional installers to change the graphics on the walls. Simply roll the graphic sheet on or off the surface within minutes.

Cost savings

  1. The ease of installation eliminates the need of hiring professional installers to change the graphics, saving cost substantially.


  1. The Metcol Magnetic Graphic System allows update of message quickly. A retail staff can easily change the graphics on the magnetised wall in the outlet on daily basis without any professional help
  2. The Metcol Magnetic Graphic System is popular in many industries, especially in retail, F&B and educational sectors as these industries update their message frequently and they also use the same message repeatedly. For example, a restaurant can use their magnetised wall to advertise their “Daily Specials”

Endless creative solutions

  1. You can design your wall messages with layers in mind, with smaller pieces on larger graphic for promotional messaging. For example, a retail outlet can layer a “Monday 20% off Sale” message on top of larger graphics.
  2. Magnetic accessories like magnetic tray for pens or metal flower pots can add an interesting dimension to your magnetised wall.
  3. Schools can interchange the same wall from an activity wall into a whiteboard wall.

Easy to transport

  1. Your magnetic display creation is compact and can be rolled into tubes. This appeals to customers who need the graphics in multiple locations. Retail companies with multiple locations or those in the business of trade shows will see the benefits of the Metcol Magnetic Graphic System.

Environmentally friendly

  1. The durability and reusability of the Metcol Magnetic Graphic System makes them eco friendly.

Easily printable

  1. They are easy to print. You can create your magnetic display creations using your home printer. Similarly, you can ask your printer to print a large format graphics on the Metcol Magnetic Graphics System.


Nano Cling uses new micro-suction technology on a printable film material. The microscopic suction cups cause the printed material to form a strong bond to any smooth, non-porous surface including but not limited to glass, metal, fiberglass, plastic, coated ceramic and finished wood. This adhesive bond is so strong that it sticks to the surface with an extreme holding force of up to 220 pounds per square foot. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and Nano Cling will not shrink, curl or wrinkle over time.
Nano-Cling is ideal for schools, F&B and retail outlets, panel displays at trade shows, point of purchase, event marketing and more.


High Quality Printing

  1. Nano Cling Graphic Film is produced in a very high quality PP or PET print surface, resulting in top printing quality.
  2. Nano Cling Graphic Film is compatible with most ink sets, including UV, solvent, and latex.

Cost Savings due to Reusability

  1. Nano Cling Graphic Film can be reused many times. All you need to do is to clean it with water.

Ease of Installation and Removal with No Residue Issues

  1. The micro-suction technology eliminates the use of any adhesive products to stick to the surface, thereby leaving no residue on the applied surface after removal of Nano Cling Graphic Film.
  2. Ease of installation and removal helps reduce manpower costs.
  3. Bubble Free capability where it makes installation a breeze.


  1. Nano Cling Graphic Film can be removed and repositioned in unlimited times.
  2. Users can change their graphics on regular basis without the need to reprint.

Environmentally friendly

  1. Many adhesives are solvent-based and are not environmentally friendly.
  2. Nano Cling Graphic Film is eco friendly as it uses micro-suction technology. It does not need solvent to stick on the application surface.