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The need to place a wall mural, notice, advertisement on a surface ie wall, table top, door, exhibition panel and yet having no difficulty in removal of the material without damaging the surface?

Introducing the revolutionary Nano Cling Bubble Material using silicone technology to adhere to the surface, without damaging the surface, including the capability of dual or triple layering where required.

Our Solution in Five simple steps:

  1. Use our specially manufactured Nano Cling Bubble Free material on any non-porous surface, including even surfaced painted wall.
  2. Choose your own graphic, photographs or any applicable marketing materials and print them using our HP latex or Mutoh UV large format printing machine.
  3. Spray water (no soap required) onto the surface. Water is not needed if the material is on glass.
  4. Simply remove the backing at a 45 degree angle and squeegee the material flat onto the surface.
  5. For removing – slowly roll out the material and discard.


  1. Endless personalization, as the designs can be removed freely without damage to the surface. Added layers can also be done to the existing graphics.
  2. Cost effective, as you are able to D.I.Y for future prints. Just order and roll-on yourself. You do not require installers to remove or install.
  3. Time savings, as you do not have to arrange an appointment with the installers.
  4. Eco-friendly, for smaller prints, you can re-use them whenever you are tired of the current prints; thus creating a new look every week, month or quarter.

Let us know how we can assist you to start transforming your surface using our Nano Cling Bubble Free Film.

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