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Tired of paying exorbitant prices to customise your set-up?

Or just tired of having to re-printing the same marketing materials, without the ability to re-use them and also having difficulty in putting them up on your panels?

Having difficulty to make your booth look fresh throughout the length of the exhibition?

Our solution in 2 simple steps:

  1. Placement of our specially prepared metal sheets that hang onto the exhibition panels. This action will not damage the existing exhibition panels.
  2. Rollon the marketing materials that are printed on our Magnet Coated Sheet that are 0.3mm in thickness onto the metal panels.


  1. Seamless look, as the dividing poles between the panels are cleverly covered.
  2. Endless personalization, as the designs can be moved freely without any special adhesives or glue. Added layers or fixtures can also be outfitted onto the Magnet Adhesive Sheet creating a 3D effect on your booth, giving it differentiation. You can even choose to have a new look at your booth each day to create freshness.
  3. Cost effective, as you are able to re-use the same prints for your next exhibition. Just roll up and roll on for the next exhibition. You do not require installers to remove or install.
  4. Time savings, as you do not have to arrange for installers to put on the prints, you can time the set-up of your booth at your convenience. A setup of 3 x 2 booth only takes less than 1 hour. Dismantling only takes less than half hour.
  5. Eco-friendly, as you can keep the old prints, and reuse them whenever you have an exhibition. If you have the same Magnetic Graphic system in your office of retail store, you can even reuse the same prints, without having to print again.

Let us know if we can assist you to transform your next exhibition space using our Magnetic Graphic System.

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