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Get to know us better

For over 30 years, Metcol has retained our competitive edge by strongly focusing our efforts in the areas of creative reinvention and delivering smart-technology solutions for our customers.

With a strong base in our core business of metal roofing and cladding, our business portfolio has rapidly grown to include cutting-edge steel structural works and revolutionary magnetic graphic system.

Over the years, we have been dedicated and have continuously met the ever changing industry needs and market demands. Today, we are the preferred one-stop and trusted partner that provides unique quality offerings and solutions to our customers.


Metcol Pte Ltd started in the late 1980s by fulfilling a strong need for manufactured stainless steel percolators and tins for the local food and beverage industry.

After 10 years of building a solid business foundation, Metcol ventured into the metal roofing and cladding industry plus other areas of steel applications. The company further diversified into custom fabrication and construction of steel and aluminium gutters, hoppers, rainwater discharge pipes and trusses for buildings.


By strengthening our existing product range and services as a metal specialist, Metcol has gone into a new area of business which comprises of two innovative products.

METCOL MAGNETIC GRAPHIC SYSTEM which consists of magnetic adhesive sheets, large format printable metal coated and magnet coated sheets. This system is totally customizable.

METCOL NANO-CLING GRAPHIC FILM is a non-adhesive film with microscopic suction caps which forms a strong bond on any smooth, non-porous surface.

With these new products, we hope to meet the demands of the current market trend and customers’ demands for fresh and innovative technology which improves productivity.

Metcol has been provided with an added opportunity to showcase its creativity by transforming dull looking walls and surfaces with these new and innovative products.


Metcol recognises the importance of maintaining a sustainable workforce and its resource capabilities. The company constantly find ways to reinvigorate its pool of resources and updates its workforce practices with accredited Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) solutions. This in turn helps our workforce perform optimally in the market and stay ahead of competition. Proactive investment in developing a skilled and well-trained workforce has also given Metcol a competitive advantage in the market.

By achieving the Universal Design Mark (UD) and Green Mark from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the company has successfully penetrated into new markets such as the commercial sector.

Our Clients

We serve the following application sectors:

• Schools
• Hospitals
• Offices

Commercial & Industrial
• Factories & Warehouses
• Offices
• Shopping Malls
• Exhibitions

• HDB Apartments
• Condominiums
• Landed Properties

Key Growth Objectives

Metcol strives to further our growth as a sustainable business and be a recognised industry player through our commitment in the following areas:

Client Focus
• Timeliness In Service
• Product Quality
• Competitive Pricing

Market Focus:
• Fast Response to Market Demands
• Creative Reinvention
• Design Innovation

Capabilities Focus:
• Workforce Development
• Strong Resource Capabilities
• Priority in Safety

At Metcol, we value meaningful partnerships with all our business stakeholders, customers, principals and employees.